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Home security The FBI is closing a platform that sells services to hackers

The FBI is closing a platform that sells services to hackers

A Russian cyber-platform known as DEER.IO has been shut down by the FBI today and its suspected administrator - Russian hacker Kirill Victorovich Firsov - has been arrested and charged with crimes related to hacking US companies and stealing customer information.

DEER.IO was a platform in Russia's cyberspace that allowed criminals to buy access to computer shops on the platform and sell their criminal products or services. DEER.IO started operating at least since October 2013 and claimed to have over 24.000 active stores with sales of over $ 17 million. The platform was closed in accordance with a seizure order issued by the Southern District of California Court.

FBI agents arrested Firsov, a Russian cyber-hacker, on March 7 in New York. Firsov not only managed the DEER.IO platform, but also advertised it on other government forums that served hackers. Firsov is scheduled to stand trial on April 16, 2020.

According to a federal complaint, DEER.IO virtual stores offered a variety of financial and corporate data from the US and internationally financially and corporate data, PII, and hacked user accounts from many US companies. Individuals can also purchase computer files, financial information, PII, and usernames and passwords obtained from malware-infected computers (malware). No legal business advertising of services and / or products through the DEER.IO store was found. Store operators and customers have access to the store via the Internet. Specifically, in this case, the FBI did markets from DEER.IO stores hosted on Russian servers.

The DEER.IO platform offered an online design and hosting platform from which cybercriminals could advertise and sell their products (such as the collected ones). credentials And them servers and services. DEER.IO online stores were maintained in a Russian controlled infrastructure. The DEER.IO platform provided shop owners with an easy-to-use interface that enabled the automated purchase and delivery of criminal goods and services.

Once access to the store was purchased through the DEER.IO platform, the site guided the young shop owner through automated setup to download products and services. services offered through the store and form encryption wallets to collect payments for purchasing products and / or services.

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In 2019, if a cybercriminal wanted to sell banned items or offer illegal services through DEER.IO he could buy a shop directly from the DEER.IO website for 800 rubles (about $ 12,50) a month . The monthly fee is paid by Bitcoin or by a variety of online payment methods, such as WebMoney, a Russia-based money transfer system similar to PayPal.

On March 4, 2020, the FBI purchased approximately 1.100 gamer accounts from the DEER.IO ACCOUNTS-MARKET.DEER.IS store for less than $ 20 in Bitcoin. Once the payment was completed, the FBI received gamer accounts, including username and the password for each account. Of the 1.100 gamer accounts, 249 were hacked by one company A. Company A confirmed that if a hacker acquires access in the username and password of a user account, the hacker could use that account. A gamer account provides access to the user's media library. Accounts often have linked payment methods in place, so the hacker could use the linked payment method to make additional purchases on the account. Some users also have subscription services linked to their gamer accounts.

On March 5, 2020, the FBI purchased approximately 999 individual PII accounts from the DEER.IO SHIKISHOP.DEER.IS store for approximately $ 170 in Bitcoin. On the same day, the FBI purchased approximately 2.650 individual PII accounts from the DEER.IO SHIKISHOP.DEER.IS store for about $ 522 at Bitcoin. From these identities, the FBI has identified US names, birth dates and social security numbers, and in particular many people living in the province of San Diego.

"There is a strong underground market for stolen information that has been tampered with and this was a new way of trying to trade with criminals to catch them," said US Attorney Robert Brewer. "Hackers pose a threat to our economy, privacy and national security."

FBI expert Omer Meisel said that " was the largest central platform to promote and facilitate the sale of compromised social media and finance accounts, personal information (PII), and computers that have been destroyed online. The seizure of this criminal website is an important step in reducing the stolen property. data used to victimize individuals and businesses in the United States and abroad. The FBI will continue to be at the forefront of protecting Americans from foreign and domestic cybercriminals. "

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