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Pornhub Premium: Free for everyone not to get bored at home

Pornhub, the world's largest porn site, makes Premium service available worldwide for the next four weeks, until April 23, to help the public cope with the lockdown which has been imposed in many countries in view of the coronation pandemic. The website has already offered for free access at Pornhub Premium at Italy, The France and Spain, countries that have been placed under house arrest because of the Coronation, which also affects the sex lives of those who do not live in the same home as their partner. However, because in other countries, such as USA, the restriction applies, users people from all over the world can now have free access.

Pornhub asks its audience to follow some simple steps to get this promotion. Specifically, anyone who wants to take advantage of this offer must either commit to seclusion in their home, or agree to wash their hands frequently and apply the “social distancing ”recommended by the governments of many countries in the midst of the pandemic. It still has to register with its own username, code access and address e-mail. Pornhub also provides 85% of video sales to artists who stopped working because of Pandemic of Coronaeus.

The adult entertainment company Pornhub, however, has garnered a large number of negative reviews as it contains pirated porn content, which has had an impact on the industry. Pornhub has also been criticized for mismanaging pornographic material, which is multiplying on the site, as well as for its laissez-faire approach to copyright and human trafficking. More than half a million people signed a petition launched this month asking to shut down the site and penalize its executives for failing to adequately verify the age and consent of the people shown in the videos. Indicatively, last year Pornhub had 42 billion visitors worldwide.


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