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Home security Dark web hosting provider again violated: 7,600 sites offline

Dark web hosting provider again violated: 7,600 sites offline

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The Daniel's Hosting (DH), The largest free web hosting provider for dark web services, closed yesterday after one hacking attack. This is the second time in 16 months that the provider drops victim attack.

Almost 7.600 dark web portals is offline due to hack. According to the information available, one attacker gained access and deleted the entire database of the web hosting portal.

According to a post by Daniel Winzen, the German developer behind Daniel's Hosting, attack took place on March 10, at approximately 3:30 am.

Hacker deleted all sites

Winzen said one attacker had access to the Daniel's Hosting backend and deleted all bases data related to their hosting sites. The hacker then deleted the Winzen account and created a new one to use in future ones. businesses.

Winzen discovered the hack the next morning. Most databut they had already been lost. Daniel's Hosting does not back up.

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Winzen said he has not yet found out how hacker managed to breach the DH backend. However, since the web hosting service was more of a hobby for him, he has not been much involved in investigating the case.

"At the moment I'm very busy with my daily life and other projects and I decided not to spend much time researching it," Winzen said.

Winzen emphasized that the hacker managed to gain access only in the DH backend database account and that the user accounts that had their sites on Daniel's Hosting platform were not affected by the hack.

However, Winzen advises all users to change them codes access to DH accounts, as well as any other account, if using the same password.

The service will remain idle for a while

Winzen said that Daniel's Hosting is dark web hosting service will remain idle for a while.

“This is a project I work on in my spare time, along with my full-time job, and it's very time-consuming to try to keep the server clean of illegal and scammy sites"Said Winzen.

“I spend 10 times more time deleting accounts. I want this time to continue planning, ”he added. "At this time I do not intend to continue hosting project".

Winzen still said that users who need free hosting for dark web portals can use other similar hosting providers such as Freedom Hosting Reloaded, Ablative Hosting, OneHost or IBHost.

"I plan to restore the service later with new features and improvements," Winzen said. "However, it may take months before I'm ready to start again."

Second hacking attack

Daniel's Hosting had dropped victim and November 2018. Then a hacker deleted all sites (more than 6.500) hosted by the service.

Daniel's Hosting has become the biggest web hosting provider for the dark web services, after the infringement and closure of Freedom Hosting II, another popular provider, by Anonymous.

In 2017, Anonymous announced that they had hacked Freedom Hosting II, as they discovered that the hosting provider was hosting portals related to child abuse.

Daniel's Hosting didn't deal with such categories, as Winzen made sure to find out sites and remove them from his service.

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