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Home security Free Sucuri WAF for one year on public health websites

Free Sucuri WAF for one year on public health websites

During his pandemic COVID-19, there is concern about health systems around the world. Many people in isolation or quarantine search for accurate medical information online on a daily basis.

Therefore, it is important that public health and social services websites remain accessible. Therefore, we must prevent malicious users from abusing these sites. Sucuri offers an excellent solution.

Sucuri WAF

WAF Sucuri for one year free of charge crisis services.

Sucuri is going to offer crisis services free website firewall for one year during the coronado pandemic. It offers website protection and enhanced performance for professionals and volunteers who have acted as crisis correspondents, such as:

How does it work and to whom is it addressed?

It refers to institutions that cannot afford the service or that may not have support for security services.

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The company 's goal is to ensure that vulnerable websites associated with providing critical information about the pandemic is safe. If you have problems paying for services, please contact our support team.

Don't leave them hackers take advantage of our situation!

Although some hackers claim they will not target me ransomware health organizations, there are still malicious users who are likely to exploit the COVID-19 explosion.

This is not just a problem for healthcare and social services. Many organizations do not have them today IT resources needed to address the challenges of cybersecurity in rapidly moving the workforce and business model into an online environment.

How can Sucuri protect and speed up your site?


Keeps WAF up to date on the latest online threats to prevent it DDoS and other attacks by hackers.

Malicious traffic to a site can reduce availability. WAF mitigates intense traffic with the Anycast content delivery network (CDN). The CDN saves copies of a webpage in many points of presence (PoP) around the world and then provides content to a person through the nearest PoP.

This improves the availability of a website during high traffic episodes and speeds up the delivery of content by an average of 70%.

Rely on WAF to protect your site!

The WAF was developed under the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). With your site behind the Sucuri WAF, make sure you meet the standards for protected health information.


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