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Home security General Electric: Hackers acquired employee data by hacking a partner company

General Electric: Hackers acquired employee data by hacking a partner company

One of top technological Companies, hGeneral Electric (GE), revealed that they leaked data identity current and former employees as well as other people because of an incident security that happened to a partner of the company.

General Electric is a multinational that operates in various technology sectors. Its activities are related to aviation, energy, healthcare and renewable energy. According to the Fortune 500 ranking, it is one of the American Companies with the most revenue (located at 21th position).

General Electric has customers in more than 180 countries and employs over 280.000 employees.

What items were exposed?

According to General Electric 's notice, infringement due to Canon Business Process Services (Canon), a GE partner. In February, some hackers breached it account e-mail of a Canon employee and gained access to the systems.

"On 28 February 2020 we learned that Canon had found that, between 3 and 14 February 2020, an unauthorized user it had access in an email account containing documents of some General Electric employees, former employees, and other persons (benefits recipients) kept at systems Canon ", says the notice.

General Electric has confirmed that they are personal information, exposed, belong to current and former GE employees. Also affected were “beneficiaries entitled to benefits related to services of Canon ”.

The information presented includes:

[…] Direct deposit forms, driving licenses, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, medical information, tax forms, other documents. These documents include addresses, social security numbers, driving licenses, bank account numbers, passport numbers, dates of birth and other information.

General Electric's systems were not violated

According to the infringement notice data, its systems ​​General Electric were unaffected from a Canon infringement case.

To compensate those affected, Canon made the following announcement: “Canon offers services protection identity and credit monitoring services for two years at no cost to all those affected ”.

These people receive letters about the incident from General Electric.

GE has also set up a support hotline.

However, the company did not report the number of people affected.


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