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Taylor Swift & Kanye West: Leaking Their Phone Call On The Internet

An unknown phone call made in 2016 between Kanye West and Taylor Swift leaked online causing a lot of reactions. During this call, West asked Swift for her name to be mentioned in the song "Famous". When the song was released, Taylor Swift complained about a song that characterized her as "bitch." Then, h Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West, published another version of the call, noting that Swift had given her approval for the verse. The leak of their phone call on the Internet proves that West had not informed Swift that she would use that particular designation on her face.
The two musicians have been in a "stormy" relationship since 2009, when a well-known rapper interrupted Swift's speech when she was awarded the Best Actress award. video clip female artist at the MTV Music Awards. Specifically, the rapper snatched the microphone from her popular pop singer, saying that the video clip of her song "Single Girl Ladies" Beyoncé deserved to win the award more than Swift's "You Belong With Me". The incident made its way around the internet through a video showing the singer's award where the rapper says: "Taylor Swift, I'll let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best video clips of all time." This shot was captured by the photographer lens and have been circulating ever since memes who mocked the event.

The relationship between the two artists had begun to improve in mid-2010, but the release of "Famous" dropped sharply. Kardashian, wanting to support her husband, told GQ Magazine that Swift "fully endorsed" this verse, pointing out that West always gets permission from someone before referring to it in a song of his. Later, Kardashian published a version of the call in question, thereby fueling a wave of hatred towards Swift, in which SOCIAL MEDIA were notified emojis depicting a snake, by people who thought it was a two-pronged snake.
Swift responded with a statement stating that the video did not describe things exactly as they did. Specifically, he addressed Kim, saying: "Where is the video of Kanye telling me he would call me a" dog "in his song? It doesn't exist because it never happened. " He also noted that while he wanted to support Kanye for his new song during the call, he couldn't approve a song without even having heard it.
The situation got worse when Kanye West made the emoji snake motif of his 2018 world tour. attack that Swift received from West.

In addition, during the version of the call presented by Kardashian, the pop singer seems to be relieved to hear that language that West would use for her in his song was not offensive. In addition, Kanye promises Swift to send her song its, the exact wording and everything about it, but Taylor Swift's side claims that the rapper never kept that commitment.
Swift's fans support her by saying she's right, while West says the song's approval was taciturn. Finally, both Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian commented on the situation by responding publicly to comments fans and raising both of them provocatively posts for the "opposing camp".


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