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Home security Hackers target the World Health Organization amid a pandemic

Hackers target the World Health Organization amid a pandemic


As Reuters reports, Hacker they tried to attack World Health Organization earlier this month.

According to the head of the WHO Information Security Service, Flavio Aggio, the hackers' identity was not disclosed and their attempt was unsuccessful. But he stressed that attempts hacking against the World Health Organization have increased tremendously since the organization began to fight the coronavirus.

He first pointed to the attempted invasion of WHO systems by Alexander Urbelis, a cyber security expert and lawyer at the New York-based Blackstone Law Group, which monitors illegal activity at Internet.

Urbelis reports that he began tracking the hacker team on March 13 when he noticed that they had created a malware website which mimicked the World Health Organization's internal email system. The expert said he did not know who was responsible, but two other sources said they suspected a top team hacker known as DarkHotel, which has been conducting online spying operations since 2007.

When asked by Reuters about the incident, Aggio confirmed that the site identified by Urbelis was used in a theft attempt passwords many employees.

In a report last week, the World Health Organization warned that hackers were pretending to be the organization in order to steal money and sensitive information from the public.

However, government officials in areas such as Britain and the USA have seen an increase in attack attempts since the launch of pandemic of the coronavirus.

At present, the motives for the attack on the World Health Organization have not been made known, but this is not the first time this has happened.

The companies Cybersecurity, including Romania's Bitdefender and Moscow-based Kaspersky, said they have identified many of DarkHotel's businesses in East Asia - an area that has been particularly affected by the coronation. Specific targets included government officials and business executives in places such as China, North Korea, Japan and the United States.


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