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Europol: Eliminates gangs promoting counterfeit drugs for the Coronation

Europol has so far seized potentially dangerous drugs worth € 13 million, which were promoted as treatments for the coronary or as "immune" stimulants. systemic. A few days ago, a European law enforcement agency said a global investigation called "Operation Pangea" brought together police officers from more than 90 countries in an effort to eliminate the ever-growing criminal gangs exploiting the Coronado pandemic. COVID-19.

The pandemic has caused consumers to panic, leaving the shelves empty and lacking commodities. At the same time, there are significant deficiencies in medicines and surgical masks, as many believe they will help protect them from the virus, leaving medical staff without equipment.
Taking advantage of the situation created by the coronation pandemic, criminal gangs are leaking false information, promoting drugs that are either illegal or can cause serious harm if found in the wrong hands, while promoting fake surgical masks.
The "Pangea Company", coordinated by Interpol, took action from 3 to 10 March 2020. Local authorities from 90 countries were looking for suspicious sellers - Criminals, identifying 37 organized crime gangs in their investigation.
In total, potentially dangerous drugs worth € 13m were seized, most of them painkillers and antibiotics. After the search of 326.000 packages and the seizure of 48.000, 4.4 million illegal drugs were identified.

According to Europol, the results of the investigation revealed a worrying increase in unauthorized antivirals and anthelmintic chloroquine. In addition, Europol confiscated some 34.000 counterfeit surgical masks. Although they may be considered as protecting them from the Corona, Europol says these products were fake. The organization also seized a number of self-monitoring packages aimed at tracking HIV and glucose.
Europol has so far made 121 arrests and is continuing its efforts to clear up other criminal gangs.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled the spread of fake products and advice as "infodemic", while stressing that this is another battle that is expected to continue as long as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread.
End, on-line retailers are trying to suspend products that are supposed to prevent or cure coronary heart disease. Indicatively, h Amazon has removed at least one million products from it website of her in recent weeks, while two men from USA are being investigated for speculation as they seem to have been selling illegally at outrageous prices of about 20.000 hand antiseptic.


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