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2020 Olympics: Postponed due to Coronation!

The 2020 Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, Japan are close to being postponed due to 2021 Coronau. Dick Pound, a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), told the United States today that the Games will not begin on July 24, but there are no further details on the matter.

In addition, when asked if Pound was speaking formally on behalf of the ILO, the organization replied that each of its members has the right to interpret the decision taken by the organization as it sees fit. The IOC said the committee would consider various scenarios for the future of the 2020 Games. This statement essentially demonstrates that the team will complete the discussions within four weeks, and that cancellation is not on the "agenda".
Although the Olympic Games have been canceled in the past due to World War I and World War II, they have never been postponed due to other circumstances.

Also Monday, Reuters reported that the President of the Olympic Committee of Japan, Yasuhiro Yamashita, said he expects the Olympic Games to be postponed, thus confirming the most recent comments by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. US President Donald Trump has said he will support whatever decision Abe makes.
Even though the Olympics had to take place as planned, many teams said they were unwilling to fight in the face of the Coronation pandemic. In addition, the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee called on the IOC to postpone the Tokyo Games, citing the results of a survey sent to 4.000 Olympians and Paralympics.
USOPC President Susanne Lyons and USOPC Managing Director Sarah Hirshland said they regretted that there was no solution to their worries and problems. Even if global health conditions change at the end of the summer, the team said the enormous disruptions in the training and training environment, doping controls and the qualification process cannot be overcome satisfactorily. So postponement is the best and most promising solution, given the existing status it has created worldwide the Coronado pandemic.
On March 22, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee announced that their teams would not attend Tokyo and called for the postponement of the Games for a year. The Australian Olympic Committee's executive board also decided not to send any teams, encouraging athletes to prepare for the Olympic Games to be held in the summer of 2021.


And on March 20, the American Swimming Association, the national governing body for competitive swimming, sent a letter to the US Olympic and Paralympic Committees asking the team to postpone the Summer Games until 2021.

The Coronado pandemic made its presence felt at the 2020 Olympics on March 19, when it was announced that 2020-year-old Tokyo Olympics 82-year-old Yoshiro Mori had met with Kozo Tashima, his deputy commissar, who was later tested and diagnosed as positive for the coronary.
Mori, however, has no coronary symptoms and has not been tested. The men were about 10 meters apart when they met.
The Olympics are important not only because of their long history but also because of the number of participants and the billions of dollars spent on them. More than 11.000 athletes from 206 nations are hoping to compete in 339 matches. At the same time, thousands of people were to work during the games. These include food suppliers and souvenir hotel employees as well as trainers and coaches.
NBC was going to broadcast the Games in the US, even offering a special streaming package for the Olympics so that the public could watch the events as much as possible without ads.
Still, as evidenced by the number of tickets sold last July, thousands of people were planning to watch the Games, traveling from every corner of the globe.

Olympic Games 2020

It is worth noting that the summer games of 1916 were canceled due to World War I, while both the winter and summer games of 1940 and 1944 were canceled due to World War II, with Japan then the country affected - the 1940 Games were scheduled for Tokyo and Sapporo). Other Games have been affected by boycotts. In contrast, in 2016, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, took place as planned despite warnings from scientists about the Zika virus. The next Olympic Games after Tokyo are the Beijing Winter Games in 2022, followed by the Paris Summer Games in 2024 and the 2026 Winter Games in Milan and Cortina, Italy.