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Windows Defender Error: Overrides some file scans

In the last two weeks, users of the Windows 10 report problems with it Windows Defender. According to the complaints, some of them archives are bypassed during the scan. It's like they've been placed on "Exceptions", in order that not to be scanned.

However, users who report this problem say they have not set up Windows Defender so it does not scan archives.

The users report that when they perform a "quick scan" or a "full scan" using Windows Defender, they receive a notification saying that some data bypassed during the scan:

"Some items were skipped during the scan

Scan it Windows Defender Antivirus bypassed an item due to opt-out or scan settings network».

The first to mention the problem was the German writer Günter Born. Born said 80% of German readers confirm this behavior of Windows Defender, while 20% do not receive the above notification.

More tests confirmed this error.

It is not clear when the problem started. However, according to various reports, it has been around since March 10, 2020, which links it to Patch Tuesday Of March.

Curiously, this issue has been mentioned in different versions Antimalware Client and does not affect everyone who runs the same engine version.

To be sure, no hidden exceptions or other triggers are enabled settings network for Windows Defender, use the following command.

Get-MpPreference | findstr / i “net exc”

If there is no setting that excludes data from scanning, it means that you are experiencing the same error.

This is a strange mistake, as there does not seem to be a common denominator among the users affected.

Η Microsoft has not yet commented on this problem.

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