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Home business Apple: Announced that the iPad Pro is a computer (and it isn't)!

Apple: Announced that the iPad Pro is a computer (and it isn't)!

Apple has long announced that it is planning to release a new updated iPad Pro in the first half of 2020, but did not know exactly how. In two new ones advertisements, Apple refers to the promises it made in the past in a "cunning" and humorous way. For a long time, O. technological Giant based in Copertino, California insists iPad Pro is one computer. Then he began to refute his claims, as the executive vice president of the world marketing, The Phil Schiller, admitted that the iPad Pro won't replace the computer.

But now that Apple had the bright idea to add one keyboard and trackpad on the latest iPad Pro, it gave a definitive - and enjoyable - answer to many that had been said in the past.

Two new ads for the iPad Pro reveal that Apple may be "self-destructive" to some extent.

The first ad mentions that the iPad Pro is the new computer, but it's not really a computer. Yes it is faster than most portable computers, according to Apple, but can users to touch her screen and still make adjustments for one augmented reality. This is something that most people need today.Apple iPad Pro

Apple presents everything as perfect, in its own unique way.

The second ad, however, is trying to "play with the emotions" of the public a little more. It argues that the iPad Pro is a beginner's guide to right computing and ultimately ends up being addressed to those who use their laptops on their feet.Apple iPad Pro

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A subtle British voice from 1946 breaks down the basic guidelines for proper computer use, while business news from 2020 shows how they can disrupt the whole computing issue with their new device.

Finally, the iPad Pro is for some an attractive and extremely expensive device, as the 12,9-inch version costs $ 349.


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