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Home security Hackers & Covid-19: The coronavirus causes a rapid increase in attacks

Hackers & Covid-19: The coronavirus causes a rapid increase in attacks

Hackers & Covid-19: The cyber attacks are a daily phenomenon on the internet. Experts warn that coronavirus will help their growth.

The cyberattack on the Ministry of Health and Human Services, reported on March 16, may not be the last attempt by hackers to exploit the social chaos surrounding the coroner. Eric Bednash, a cybersecurity expert and CEO of RackTop Systems, said that now is more than ever the time to make sure your online and hand washing habits are right.

"The Ministry of Health and Human Services has been attacked and we are all trying to understand what this means," Bednash said. "Health care organizations were also decimated last year." Indeed, the Yahoo reported that 90% of healthcare providers were hit by attacks e-mail in 2019. Now, with the added pressure of the virus and changing the routine for all of us, hackers are likely to benefit more from this situation. There are already reports from hackers that they publish as his officials World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control in Attacks Phishing.

"If systems are already vulnerable and businesses / organizations do not have proper protection against these threats, situations like the one we are experiencing will make us more vulnerable," he said. "Whenever there is a pandemic or catastrophe, it's an extra opportunity for criminals."

Bednash has been in cybersecurity for 17 years and started as a contractor with the National Security Service, where he helped design some of the post-11/9 US data protection systems.

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Hackers Covid-19 coronavirus

According to Bednash, many of the ways we think about cyber security are still stuck in the 90s: People are still dealing with protection networks and stop the villains, instead of accepting that his criminals Internet is already everywhere, and that data is what needs to be protected now, he said. "Beyond a pandemic called coronavirus or any other, I don't think we can continue to live at the same pace until we have our most valuable asset - the data us - as the most important issue, ”he said.

When we think about how to better protect ourselves from hackers during these uncertain times, the best thing to do is pay as much attention as possible to the links we click on, and to emails, Bednash said. Even a virus tracking site could cause great damage.

"Be on the alert," Bednash said, even though that may be more difficult. “The coronavirus is a threat and many are looking for a link that will lead them to trace it. Make sure you find a reliable website for this purpose. If you are looking for information on anything related to the pandemic, do not click on the links in mobile or your computer from unknown sources. ”

The most common question is what the next target will be. Hackers will probably try to target larger health organizations. "At the moment, no one knows what is going to happen," Bednash said. "In a few weeks, we will see how things will turn out."

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