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Netflix reduces streaming quality in Europe

As we mentioned yesterday, h Europe had asked at Netflix and others streaming services to prohibit viewing HD videos, where this is not necessary, so that it does not collapse network. During this time, there is a lot of loading network, because of the massive teleworking and the quarantine imposed by him coronavirus.

Netflix agreed reduce the quality of streaming across Europe, so that it can Internet to function smoothly during his pandemic coronavirus. This comes after conversations between Netflix's CEO, Reed Hastings, and the European Commissioner, Thierry breton.

“After discussions between Commissioner Thierry Breton and Reed Hastings, and given the extraordinary challenges the coroner has brought, Netflix has decided to start reduces bit rate on all streams in Europe, for 30 days"A Netflix spokesman said. “We appreciate that will reduce traffic on Netflix, in European networks, by about 25%, while ensuring a good quality of service for our members ”.

A Netflix spokesman said the decline in bit rate may affect the quality of service for some customers. Others, however, may not understand the difference.

Quality may depend on various factors, such as device and the service plan used. The users who will see the biggest difference are those who have the Ultra High Definition package. However, they are not the majority.

Even before the deal with Europe, Netflix had begun to adjust the quality of streams based on available network capacity.

Commissioner Breton had said one tweet: “To provide access to Internet for everyone, let's do #SwitchToStandard when HD is not needed. "

Internet measurements have shown that there is increased traffic in all services due to coronavirus. However, reports indicate that there have been no major problems at this time and that the network is responding effectively to increased demand.


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