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Europe is asking Netflix to cut HD videos because the network is collapsing

Η Europe urges it Netflix and other streaming platforms to stop showing video high definition (HD videos) so that the internet does not "fall". We are experiencing an unprecedented and difficult period. THE coronavirus has created many new needs and one of them is increased use of the Internet.

Most countries take daily measures to combat the spread of the virus. One of them is work from home. Right now, the coronavirus has forced millions of workers around the world to work from home. At the same time, children and students do not go to school and university respectively. Governments advise all users to stay at home. For this reason, Europe is concerned about the enormous pressure on the EU Internet bandwidth and prompts Netflix, streaming services and mobile companies to receive meters.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton, responsible for the EU internal market that covers more than 450 million people, published one tweet on Wednesday night. In that he said he was talking to Netflix's CEO, Reed Hastings, about stopping HD videos. Breton asked the people and Companies to do "#SwitchtoStandard when HD is not needed". This measure is necessary so that everyone can access the internet and be able to do their job.

A Netflix spokesman told CNN Business that Hastings and Breton will talk about HD videos again today.

"Commissioner Breton is right to emphasize the importance of running the Internet smoothly in this critical time, "said a Netflix spokesman.

Netflix has said it is already adjusting the quality of streaming and is seriously considering stopping HD videos.

The Facebookalso recognizes the impact of the pandemic on platform of.

In a phone interview with reporters, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook services are being used a lot more as the coronavirus forces millions of people to stay at home.

He specifically said that its use, at this time, almost exceeds its use in the New Year. Especially, voice and video calls to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have doubled.

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