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FuryBSD: New distribution of FreeBSD operating system

FreeBSD can be one software of the older generation, but continues to be a widely used one operating system. Now, in the BSD family comes FuryBSD. So this is a new distribution of BSD and is completely based on FreeBSD. Comes with a new graphical interface and more options for the type of distribution (live / hybrid USB/DVD). In addition, the new FuryBSD 12.1 comes with two different environments, KDE and Xfce.

Joe Maloney is the man behind FuryBSD, who presented the work at last year's KnoxBUG MeetUp. Maloney explained that the project is a derivative of FreeBSD, but at the same time quite different. For example, FuryBSD has additional utilities and more updates.

What's new in FuryBSD 12.1:

First of all, Maloney promised that every three months, he would come out new ISO. So 12.1 is the first update for 2020 and contains several new packages and enhancements.

Some of the most important changes:

  • XFCE 4.14, KDE 5.17
  • Root rights even in live stays.
  • 12.1 contains the latter NVIDIA drivers.
  • Xkbmap

You can find out more by going to the official FuryBSD website, or by clicking here.

Operating System Installation:

If you already have the operating system, you can easily update it by opening a terminal and typing the following commands:

  • freebsd-update fetch
  • freebsd-update install
  • freebsd-update -r 12.1-RELEASE upgrade
  • freebsd-update-install
  • Volume mixer from Xcfe environment

If you do not have FuryBSD installed, you can easily download and install one of them distributions of.


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