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Playstation 5: Sony unveils new console features!

Sony unveiled new details for the long-awaited PlayStation 5 (PS 5). The next-generation console video game will be commercially available shortly before the celebration of 2020, ie at the end of next year, and as Sony says, its planned release will not be affected by its pandemic Coronau. Within almost an hour of presentation, Sony has analyzed the features and structure of the Playstation 5. The features that enhance the new Sony system are the graphics cards CPU and GPU made by AMD, along with new technology disk SSD (Solid-State-Drive) capacity of 852GB, which will allow faster boot and faster loading of games. The technical specifications of the Playstation 5 are presented in more detail in the table below.Sony Playstation 5 features

Before launching the presentation, Eurogamer mentioned the official features of the console. Also, h Microsoft revealed the specifications for Xbox Series X of. The two new consoles will be similar hardware, including the CPU and GPU manufactured by AMD and SSDs.

The architect of PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, presented in detail the architecture of the system and how it will determine its future Gaming. He began the presentation by explaining the three principles behind the design of Playstation hardware 5: 1) "listening" to developers, 2) balance between evolution and revolution, and 3) finding new dreams. He then made a reference to the time needed developers to make full use of the power of the new console, which he called "dead time". He also pointed out that previous PlayStation consoles vary this time period, with the PS2 lasting three to six months, the PS3 six to twelve months, the PS4 a month, and noted that the PS5 would last less.

As for the "listening" of the developers, Cerny stated that the SSD was the first game developers' request and that it was a "game-changer". It showed that the PS4 hard drive could load 50-100MB per second, while the target for the PS5 SSD hard drive is 5GB per second. The result is the PS5 loads 2GB of data in 0,27 seconds, compared to the PS20's 4 seconds.Sony Playstation 5 features

The PS5's SSD also has an advantage over RAM. With the PS4, some of the game's data is stored in memory RAM. On the PS5, the SSD hard drive is about as fast as RAM, so developers can simply retrieve game data from the SSD, freeing up more RAM. Additionally, the PS5 will be able to integrate an additional SSD for those who need more storage, but the drives should have speeds similar to those already available on the console.
Regarding GPUs and CPUs, Cerny emphasized that the company has developed new strategies that lead to a graphics processing maximum of 2.23GHz which can produce 10.3 teraflops, while the processor has a maximum of 3.5GHz. System processors will also help reduce the power the console will use to keep it from being overheated and not forced.

At the end of the presentation a reference was made to the sound of the Playstation 5. Tempest Engine hardware activates a 3D sound, starting with the headphones, which will be the "gold standard" for the console. For those using speakers, the PS5 will create a virtual sound surround.

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The first information on the PS5 was released in October with teasers about the hardware and the controller, while in February, Sony created one website with console information, but no further details have been leaked.


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