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Coronavirus will boost demand for Tesla electric cars

His pandemic coronavirus, is going to increase demand for electric cars, as it seems that Tesla is one of the few companies properly prepared for any kind of financial crisis.

Electric cars are better than conventional cars because they have better contact with modern ones technology, better hardware and can withstand longer without the need for maintenance or other service. They will therefore be better able to cope with the competition that the coronavirus brings.

Why will demand for Tesla electric cars increase due to the coronation?

Buying an electric car is a smart decision for someone who wants to make a long-term investment.

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused an economic slowdown. Countries like Italy, where a significant number of people are currently in quarantine, represent a bleak future for many other countries.

Such a situation forces companies to make smart decisions that include careful investment of their funds and employee safety.

In areas such as delivery companies and taxi drivers, buying a Tesla electric car like the Model 3 or X is a good decision.

In cases of exacerbation of a disease, as is now the case with coronavirus, conventional cars gas stations are needed to be able to move, which in turn means that there must be workers in them. Electric cars, however, do not require the presence of other people to charge, so they help reduce the spread of the virus.

Of course, it's not just Tesla cars. Companies such as BMW, Chevy and VW recently announced their rapid expansion plan to bring new large-scale EVs to market.

Tesla is present on every major continent on the planet, where the EV market is booming. It has been established in North America, where he has built a huge over-supply network.

Tesla is also present at China, where the company steadily delivers its vehicles. In addition to the February holiday, the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is constantly working to meet local demand.

Finally, the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin, which will be completed by the summer of 2021, will make Tesla the world's leading car maker, in every respect.

Such a global presence, with each factory operating as a separate vehicle hub for electric cars, successfully protects the company from any future interruption of the global supply chain.

In conclusion, the Tesla electric car market remains a good decision despite pandemic of the coronavirus. Tesla EVs have improved over time due to Over The Air software updates.

According to long-time Tesla investor Steven, disruptive innovation has always performed better during a financially uncertain period because it has the habit of evolving constantly. And certainly Tesla is a company based on this innovation.


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