HomesecurityVMware: Fixes critical vulnerabilities in Fusion, VMRC and other products

VMware: Fixes critical vulnerabilities in Fusion, VMRC and other products

Η VMware released yesterday one new update security to correct two critical vulnerabilities that allow privilege escalation (escalation of benefits) and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks in VMware Workstation, VMware Fusion, VMware Remote Console and Horizon Client.

The two vulnerabilities are known as CVE-2020-3950 and CVE-2020-3951 and due to improper use of setuid binaries and a heap-overflow problem in Cortado Thinprint.

The vulnerabilities could lead to privilege escalation and DoS attacks

Vulnerability CVE-2020-3950 reported by Jeffball and Rich Mirch. VMware itself stated that the vulnerability is very serious.

This vulnerability affects it VMware Fusion (versions 11.x before 11.5.2), VMware Remote Console for Mac (all versions before 11.0.1) and Horizon Client for Mac (all versions before 5.4.0).

According to Vmware, successful exploitation of this vulnerability can allow attackers to gain more privileges And to have root access on system with Fusion, VMRC or Horizon Client installed.

On the other hand, the vulnerability that allows denial of service attacks, located at Cortado Thinprint and reported by Dhanesh Kizhakkinan of FireEye. This vulnerability affects them VMware Workstation (versions 15.x before 15.5.2), Windows and Linux apps, as well as the Horizon Client for Windows (all versions before 5.4).


VMware says the attackers could create a denial of service status on the service Thinprint, which runs on the system where the Workstation or Horizon Client is installed.

To correct the two vulnerabilities, you must receive the updates security, located in the 'Fixed Version' column of 'Resolution Matrix', which is available at VMSA-2020-0005 advisoryory.

Critical Guest-to-Host DoS error was fixed last week

Last week, VMware fixed another critical one use-after-free vmnetdhcp vulnerability on VMware Workstation (15.x before 15.5.2) and Fusion (11.x before 11.5.2). The vulnerability could allow code execution on the host system and DoS attack.

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