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Coronation Europe: What will airlines do?

Coronation Europe: In order to limit the spread of the coronation worldwide, h EU banned most foreign nationals from traveling there for a month. In the long run, however, this ban on EU residents, diplomats and some healthcare and transport workers will cease to apply. European Council President Charles Michel said there is a need for everyone to work together to do what is necessary to address the Coronation in Europe and the rest of the world, stressing that their priority is public health. Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was important for people to stop unnecessary contact with others as well as unnecessary travel, following the example of the US government that announced travel bans preventing foreigners from entering the country. Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland. So what impact does the Coronation crisis have on airlines and their passengers?British Airways International Consolidated Airways (IAG) - airlines + corona europe

The parent company British Airways International Consolidated Airways (IAG), because of the travel bans imposed on him Coronau, had to suspend them flights to China, reduce the number of flights to Asian destinations as well as cancel all flights to, from and within Italy. Therefore, h company he said he expects airline bookings to drop to at least 75% in April and May, and estimates that demand will remain low until summer. For this reason, it has decided to significantly reduce itineraries, while continuing to monitor demand levels to allow for further reductions if necessary. As far as passengers are concerned, the company allows them to change their travel destination, travel date or both. It's free on all new bookings until May 31, as well as on existing bookings for flights departing by May 31. Alternatively, they can cancel their reservations in exchange for a travel voucher valid for trips made within one year of the original departure date.airlines + corona europe - Ryanair

RYANAIR: The travel bans imposed by the Coronation in Europe and the rest of the world have a similar effect on the Irish airline Ryanair, which has said it expects an 80% reduction in airline bookings for April and May. The airline noted that it has seen a significant decline in its bookings in the last two weeks, which it expects will continue in the near future.

According to Ryanair's Michael O'Leary, the company is getting everything it needs meters to reduce operating expenses and improve revenue for each of its airlines, as it is one of the most popular airlines, with a very strong balance sheet and significant cash flow and therefore with proper and timely action will be able to survive even during a period of minimum to zero airline bookings, while preparing for this period to return to its normal pace. Still, the company estimates that this crisis will soon be overcome, as the governments The EU will take unprecedented action to limit the spread of the Coronation. Finally, passengers affected by these changes have to pay only the difference in fares.AIR FRANCE-KLM

AIR FRANCE-KLM: The French airline has said that due to increased travel restrictions and a sharp decline in airline bookings, which will result in Coronation both in Europe and the rest of the world, it will be forced to reduce its capacity for flights by up to 90% in the coming days. , while the cuts are expected to last two months. To support passengers affected by these changes, Air France offers those who purchased a ticket for a flight departing before May 31 the option to postpone the departure date free of charge, provided the new journey begins no later than 30 November. Passengers also have the option of canceling their flight in exchange for a one-year travel voucher valid on all Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic flights. Similarly, passengers whose flights have been canceled will be offered a travel voucher.EASYJET

EYES: Like other airlines, British EasyJet offers its passengers the option to change dates, destinations or both for free. Passengers only have to pay the difference in fares. This applies to both existing and new bookings.LUFTHANSA

WAR: According to the German group Lufthansa, which is responsible for airlines such as Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Air DolomitiBearing in mind that the Coronation has affected Europe and the rest of the world, it has decided to cut short and long haul flights as it has seen significant reductions in airline bookings for Africa and Central and South America. Overall, the capacity of the Lufthansa group on long-distance routes will be reduced by up to 90%. A total of 1.300 weekly flights were originally scheduled for summer 2020. In Europe, the flight schedule will be further reduced, while 11.700 weekly short flights were originally planned for summer 2020 with Lufthansa Group airlines. Furthermore, the Austrian Airlines will temporarily suspend all scheduled flights from March 19. Passengers with tickets for canceled or valid Lufthansa Airlines flights can postpone their flight free of charge for a later date or choose another destination. Airline bookings for new flights can be made until 1 June for travel dates up to 31 December.AEGEAN AIRLINES

AEGEAN AIRLINES: Greek Aegean Airlines says it will halt most international flights by the end of April network gradually, while the frequency of domestic flights will decrease significantly. In addition, the airline introduces a zero fee policy for changing tickets for passengers wishing to book for later dates. In addition, passengers whose flights have been canceled but do not wish to plan new flights will immediately receive a travel voucher, valid for one year after its issue and can be used on any route on the Aegean and Olympic Iar network.ALITALIA

ALITALIA: Since the Italian government introduced on March 10 a decree strictly banning all public gatherings and activities until April 3, Italy's most popular airline said it had suspended any national and international flights. service to and from Milan Airport, while flights between Venice and Rome will continue, but to a lesser extent. The Italian airline added that it has set up a series of special flights to facilitate the return journey for Italian citizens and other travelers to countries where restrictive travel arrangements are in place. These include flights to and from New York and London. Passengers who purchased a ticket issued until April 3 for a flight departing May 31 may request to change their booking for another trip before December 31 or receive a travel voucher valid for one year. In addition, those who have canceled their flights can opt for either of these rights or have their ticket refunded.NORWEGIAN AIR SHUTTLE ASA

NORWEGIAN AIR SHUTTLE ASA: Passengers from the Norwegian airline affected by travel restrictions on the Coronae and booked for flights until March 22 will be able to make new bookings. This applies to LowFare, LowFare + and Premium tickets. The Norwegian airline has announced that it will temporarily release more than 7.300 employees, or about 90% of its workforce, and will include pilots, stewards and maintenance and management personnel. In addition, from March 21, the company will operate limited flights both within Norway and other Nordic countries, at least until April 17.Turkish Airlines - airlines

Turkish Airlines: According to Turkish Airlines, which closely monitors the crisis created by the Coronation in general but also in Europe, it applies zero change fees for tickets purchased before March 31 for flights until December 31. The airline has also suspended all departures to Germany France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands until 17 April. As the airline always prioritizes travel safety, will continue to monitor and keep up to date on the latest developments in national and international health authorities and take appropriate safeguards.



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