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China: Research shows how blood groups are linked to the Corona!

A study conducted by medical researchers in more than 2.000 patients who were infected by coronary heart disease Covid-19 in Wuhan and Shenzhen, China, shows how blood groups are linked to the coronary. Specifically, according to the study, people with blood group A may be more susceptible to coronavirus infection. In other words, patients with blood group A had a higher rate of infections and tended to have more severe coronary symptoms. In contrast, people with blood group C appear to be more resistant and therefore are much less likely to get Coronavirus than others. The researchers came to this conclusion after taking blood samples from patients and comparing them with those who remained healthy in those areas.blood groups + patients infected by coronary heart disease

While the researchers said the study was at an early stage stage, they called governments and medical facilities to examine the differences that blood groups presented to him design or in the treatment of patients infected with the virus, known as Sars-CoV-2.

Researchers led by Wang Xinghuan have suggested that people with blood group A may need highly personalized help. protection to reduce the chance of being infected by the Corona. Wang added that patients with blood group A who were infected by him virus Sars-CoV-2 may require more careful and intensive monitoring but also a more "potent" treatment. On the other hand, the blood group C has a significantly lower risk of coronavirus infection than the rest groups blood. It is noteworthy that of the 206 patients who died of Covid-19 in Wuhan of different ages, 85 had blood type A and 52 blood group O. Wang also indicated that it may be useful to typing ABO blood group in both patients and medical staff to treat Sars-CoV-2 and other coronavirus infections to determine levels exposure of people in danger of the Coronation.

Gao Yingdai, a researcher at the Tianjin State Primary Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, said that it could be improved by including a larger percentage of samples. Although 2.000 are not a small number, they do not fully represent the total number of patients infected with Coronavirus, which exceeds 180.000 worldwide. Another weak point of the study was that it did not provide a clear explanation for the phenomenon, such as the molecular interaction between the virus and the different types of red blood cells. Blood groups are determined by the so-called antigen, a material in the surface of red blood cells that can trigger an immune response.

The Austrian biologist Karl Landsteiner discovered the major blood groups in 1901, giving them the names A, B, AB, and O. This discovery enabled safe blood transfusions by assigning blood groups to patients.Karl Landsteiner + blood groups

Blood types vary in a population. For example, on USA about 44% of the population has blood group O, and about 41% blood group A. In Wuhan, which has a population of about 11 million, of healthy people, 32% have blood group 0 while 34% have a blood group. A. At the same time, of the patients, 38% had blood group 0 and 25% had blood group A.

Scientists have reservations about how blood clusters evolved, although one theory is that they are linked to genetic memory, while another theory says factors such as altitude, temperature, or humidity could contribute to some extent to increasing populations of a blood group.

Finally, it is important to clarify that those with a blood group O do not mean that they are completely safe and that they are not at risk of being infected by the coronary heart. Therefore, they should continue to follow them faithfully instructions issued by the competent authorities authorities.


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