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Home tweaks Gnirehtet: Easy way to deliver internet from PC to Android

Gnirehtet: Easy way to deliver internet from PC to Android

Gnirehtet: Easy way to share internet from PC to Android

Gnirehtet: Easy way to share internet from PC to Android: Most devices Android today they can function as Wi-Fi Hotspotthat is, to share data with other devices via Wi-Fi. This feature is very useful at times when you have some work or other work done on your computer or laptop but not available on site Wi-Fi. However, sometimes the opposite could be done. In other words, your system has excellent Internet speed, but for some reason, your Android device cannot connect to the network. This is where Gnirehtet serves.

So Gnirehtet is one application open source software that allows users to share the internet of a laptop with an Android device.

Before we proceed, we should note that Windows 10 as well as the MacOS already offer the ability to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, but we think it's good to know another useful way to share your PC's internet connection with Android devices. Also, Mac's hotspot service is very limited, while in Linux distributions, this feature is not fully integrated, so Gnirehtet could be quite useful in such cases.

How does Gnirehtet work?


  • Have USB Debugging enabled.
  • Have the Gnirehtet package downloaded to your device.
  • Have the ADB tools installed.
  • One cable
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In the Gnirehtet package you will find executable files for MacOS and Windows. Connect your device to your computer using the cable USB.

  • If you want to install gnirehtet on Windows, run the file "gnirehtet-run.cmd".
  • If you want to install the program on MacOS, run the unix file.
  • Its users Linux should open a terminal, navigate to the files inside the terminal and type "./gnirehtet run".

  • On Android devices, install it file Gnirehtet APK which is in the package you downloaded earlier. When you run for the first time, the program will ask for permission to connect. Allow the connection by selecting "OK".

Gnirehtet: Easy way to share internet from PC to Android

The users they can now use the internet from their computer on their device. Of course, the device must be connected via the USB cable. Sure, users can also share the network over Wi-Fi, but the cable connection allows for much faster speeds.

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