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10 Microsoft Excel features that help digital marketing

The Microsoft Excel can become an invaluable tool for almost any digital commerce company. The reason is both its easy accessibility and the extensive capabilities it offers once someone learns to use it. Let's look at 10 of the best features:

  1. Table format

This tool can create a data collection before putting it in one database, making it much easier to implement decisions that will affect many data at the same time.

  1. Charting

Charting is a simple way of visual presentation data, which are sorted in the form of different charts.

This is a function that is useful when the data is to be presented in a presentation or a set of clients, as it is more professional. It is also very easy to see the progress of a chart due to its visual characteristics.


The COUNTIF function allows the user to clutter their data and then pick a specific number of cells that fall into a particular collection, based on a set of criteria in which they work.

  1. Concatenate

Concatenate allows the user to pull together two different sets of information columns, saving time. This works perfectly with information such as names and surnames that need to be in one column rather than two.


This function means vertical search and allows search of a specific value in an already created table, while also displaying the corresponding value.

This feature saves a lot of time but also reduces the chance of error.

  1. IF Statements

The IF Statements function helps determine whether the data applied meets the specified conditions, helping to verify true and false, returning a value back if it appears to be incorrect. The function itself allows for two possible outcomes, which are "if true" and "if false".

      7. SUMIFS

This function is another way in which user can extract specific information from the pre-constructed data table. Similar to COUNTIFS, instead of counting the data, it processes it in a sum, allowing the user to specify more than one condition at a time.

  1. Len

Len helps you count the number of characters in a text. The selected string must be in the same cell, so you can get the right answer and allow you to save a lot of time without having to manually type the letters in a sentence.

  1. Conversion Rate

Very useful if the data in Excel are intended for a presentation or for a customer, as it allows data to be sorted and quickly calculates how well sales, production and click-through rates are performing. It can calculate different results depending on the data given.

  1. IF & AND

If there are two or more conditions that are true and need something specific, then the user can combine the IF and AND functions. When you do this, it will evaluate the conditions of the selected data with a test. If the test results in True the function will perform the action you want, but if the result is False, it will change path and execute a different energy.

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