HomesecurityCoronavirus-misinformation: Common response by large companies

Coronavirus-misinformation: Common response by large companies

The largest social networks on the internet have issued one Joint Communication on epidemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Coronavirus has been the subject of discussion in recent weeks. The Internet has been inundated with publications related sites (sites, social media). However, in most cases information that exist in these sites are invalid, as they do not come from official sources. This is how it spreads misinformation. So, the big tech companies and social platforms decided to take meters and promised to do whatever they can to fight it scam and misinformation.

The Companies who issued this announcement, are the Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft products, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube.

The joint statement comes after one teleconference (last week), attended by many US technology companies and White House officials.

The conference call lasted more than two hours. During its duration, the Americans government officials have asked technology companies to help, among other things, combating misinformation and the dissemination of conspiracy theories that the coronavirus has brought to the surface.

Coronavirus is a very important issue, which concerns the whole world and that is why there are many who use it for their own purposes. In their joint statement, the seven companies stated that cooperate with each other and with the government organizations health care around the world to tackle virus-related misinformation.

"We are helping millions of people connect while at the same time combating virus misinformation by uploading valid content to our platforms and reporting critical developments with government healthcare organizations around the world," the companies said.

The joint statement does not describe in detail how to deal with this critical issue "Coronavirus and misinformation". However, it does give a resounding answer to all the critics who have argued that Companies promote misinformation and virus-related fraud.

They were found on some platforms advertisements on how to treat coronavirus (treatments), news articles from unknown sources or with incorrect information as well video transmitting conspiracy theories about the origin of the disease.

Coronavirus: applications, advertisements, conspiracy theories and more

Some of the companies that signed the joint statement had already started a fight against misleading content.

For example, Google had already banned apps Android related to COVID-19, Facebook had removed misleading ads and Twitter had blocked accounts uploading conspiracy theories.

Many believe that these actions are not enough for the new challenges that the coronavirus has brought.

For example, over the weekend, a rumor circulated on the Internet that a prolonged quarantine would be applied, causing many Americans to make excessive commissions to cope. Such false information should not be disseminated. According to critics, companies have to block such news.


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