HomesecurityBrave accuses Google of violating the GDPR

Brave accuses Google of violating the GDPR

Η Brave blames her Google for infringement a basic principle of General Data Protection (GDPR). In particular, according to the GDPR, the Companies must indicate precisely the purpose for which they collect and process personally data of users and ask for consent.

However, Brave (the company behind Brave browser) filed one complaint to the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which states that Google's privacy policy violates the GDPR, as “does not explicitly and transparently identify the purposes for which data collected and processed ”.

Under the specific principle of GDPR, companies must collect and process personal data for a specific purpose, which must be explicitly expressed in users.

Johnny Ryan, Brave's key executive browser said Google's privacy policies are "Indescribably vague". According to Ryan, Google says it collects information for reasons such as "developing new services." This is very general and not legitimate, according to the GDPR.

Ryan also claims that Google provides advertisements that fit each user's interests, but it does not provide enough information about the purposes of the data processing but also the reasons why users see a particular ad.

Ryan says in the complaint that Google's policy is not clear at all and that no verification can be done to determine whether what it says is actually implemented.

The complaint also includes a study called "Inside the Black Box", which analyzes the purposes for which Google collects and processes data.

Referring to the study, Ryan claims that the reasons Google cites are not precisely defined, as a result they no longer make sense. Data is collected without users knowing the reason. This practice violates the GDPR.

According to Ryan, having personal data does not mean that Google can use these data, for whatever purpose he wants. It must express in full transparency the purposes for which it uses the data.

"But new Brave data reveals that Google is using personal data for businesses and products "in ways that violate the principle of GDPR," he said.

As part of the complaint, Brave has asked Google to provide a complete list of the purposes for which it processes their personal data. users, as well as the relevant legal bases for each purpose.

The DPC has already begun an investigation.


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