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Microsoft Teams: Off to Many Users in Europe!

This morning, March 16, Microsoft Teams had a problem. Specifically, they were out of order and as a result they could not have for several hours access to this many users, mainly in Europe. Microsoft employees said they had encountered a problem that they were able to mitigate in order to reopen platform, after constant user reports of problems.

For example, early in the morning, account Microsoft 365 Status posted on Twitter that Microsoft investigated functionality related to messaging on the Microsoft Teams platform. In addition, there are a number of users who report on Twitter that they are not only experiencing problems related to exchange of messages, but also add-on problems of visitors in Microsoft Teams.

Also, around 7am, the Microsoft 365 account Status of Construction reported in a relative publication that the problems that had occurred in conversation Microsoft Teams had been corrected. However, some users still report interruptions and problems with the platform. Also, at 10:30 in the morning the same account noted that Microsoft received reports that problems were reported again. communication on the Microsoft Teams platform. For this reason, Microsoft re-examines the problems reported and advises them managers to receive some updates in order to address the problems that exist in their management for users in Europe

Holidays and other issues in Microsoft Teams need to be addressed in a timely manner. Especially at a time when a large percentage of people are forced to work remotely because of the fears and anxieties created by the pandemic of Corona COVID-19 there is no room but no time for further problems. At the same time many Microsoft events that were expected to take place this time around will eventually take place via video and Internet. Therefore, all of these circumstances further exacerbate the need for Microsoft Teams to function properly and serve users and the general public at large without interruptions and other unforeseen issues that may make their daily lives difficult.


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