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Top Free Software and services for safer work from home

In response to the Corovavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, many businesses are demanding that their employees work remotely. This, however, brings new challenges in the workplace as users adapt to video meetings, screen sharing and the use of remote collaboration tools. To help with the situation, many software developers and service providers have begun offering free licenses or improved versions of their software and services.

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Below is a list of all the free upgrades to software services and licenses offered during the coronavirus epidemic.


For higher education and K-12 students currently offering Adobe Creative Cloud applications to students and their employees Adobe, now offering free home access to apps, if the organization so requests. This access will be available free of charge until 31 May 2020.

“Starting today, we provide all higher education and K-12 institutional clients worldwide - who today have Creative Cloud applications available to students connected through campus workshops - the ability to request temporary access at home for their students as well as trainers, which will be available until May 31, 2020 at no extra cost, to find out more and request access, click here.

For schools, businesses and government services, Adobe also offers free access to the Adobe Connect conferencing solution until July 1, 2020.


According to a report by Vice, h AT & T inhibits broadband data ceilings during the coronavirus epidemic.


Cisco is changing the free dating software Webex so it supports unlimited usage, supports up to 100 people per meeting and has dial-in availability.

For businesses that are not currently its customers, Cisco also offers a 90-day free trial.


Cloudflare has done the service Cloudflare for Teams free for small businesses for at least six months.

Using Cloudflare for groups, remote employees can access a company's internal resources using a secure VPN.


Discord has upgraded its free Go Live streaming service so that it can now support 50 simultaneous users rather than 10.

"We wanted to find a way to help, so we temporarily change the Go Live limit to 50 people every time, out of 10. Go Live is free to use and allows users to view or view applications directly from a computer while other users will be watching on any device - so teachers can take a lesson, colleagues can work together, "said Discord.


Google provides G Suite and its customers with G Suite for Education free access to Hangouts Meet-Conferencing features.

This includes the following features:

  • Larger meetings for up to 250 participants per call
  • Live streaming for up to 100.000 viewers in one domain
  • The ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive

Instant Housecall

His subscribers Instant Housecall they can now create subaccounts that allow remote employees to work from their PC. This offer will be available until the World Health Organization (WHO) defines the end of the pandemic.


LogMeIn provides a free remote work emergency kit, which grants GoToMeeting a free license throughout the area to facilitate remote employee meetings.

“Starting today, we will offer critical front-line service providers free use of LogMeIn for 3 months through the availability of 'Emergency Remote Work Kits'. These packages will include solutions for meetings and videoconferencing, webinars and virtual events, IT support and management of remote devices and employee applications, as well as remote access to devices across multiple sites, for example the "Meet" Emergency Remote Kit to eligible organizations for a free GoToMeeting license for 3 months, ”said Bill Wagnar, CEO of LogMeIn.


The Loom Video Messaging Platform has announced that it will provide these additional features by July 1, 2020:

  • Remove the free plan subscription limit - what was 25 is now unlimited
  • Half price discount on Loom Pro - from $ 10 / month is now $ 5 / month
  • Extend all Loom Pro trials from 14 to 30 days


Microsoft is converting Microsoft Teams to free for the next six months to help businesses choose remote workplaces during the epidemic.

“At Microsoft, the health and safety of employees, customers, partners and communities is our top priority. With Microsoft Teams available to everyone for free for six months, we hope we can support public health and safety by facilitating remote work, ”Microsoft EVP and President JP Courtois said on Twitter.


Η Splashtop offers free 60 day licenses on Business Access Remote Access software.


TechSmith grants free licenses to the TechSmith Snagit video capture software and TechSmith Video Review software until June 30, 2020.

"The TechSmith Snagit screen capture tool and our asynchronous collaboration platform, TechSmith Video Review, will be available free of charge by the end of June 2020 to any organization that needs it," TechSmith announced.

For existing customers of TechSmith Relay or Video Review products, TechSmith provides free increased use free of charge.


Zoho now offers free access to the remote software suite until July 1, 2020.


For people in China, Zoom has improved the basic (free) license by removing the 40 minute meeting limit.


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