HomesecurityChinese hackers use Koronovi for malware attacks!

Chinese hackers use Koronovi for malware attacks!

Chinese hacker-pandemic Koronovi-windowsResearchers have discovered a new one campaign COVID-19 behind which Chinese hackers are executing APT and take advantage of the fear and confusion that the Koronovian pandemic has caused them to carry malware on Windows. This hacking attack, believed to have been launched by a longtime hacker group that executes APT targeting various government and private entities, exploits the pandemic of Coronavirus to infect targeted victims. The attackers are also using new hacking tools in this campaign to attack the suspicious RTF documents.

Evidence of this hacker attack reveals that the RTF documents are equipped with Royal Road, an RTF "weapon" so named by the Anomaly. It is sometimes called "8.t RTF exploit builder" and is mainly used to exploit any vulnerabilities. processor its equations Microsoft Word.

Some of the malicious documents are written in Mongolian. One of them, which refers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, contains information on the news outbreaks Coronavirus. It is worth noting that this cyberattack was not only aimed at the Mongolian Foreign Ministry, but was extended to other countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.hackers and coroner documents

But how does this attack work?

As soon as the targeted victim opens the malicious RTF document, the hackers will take advantage of a Microsoft Windows Word vulnerability and the new file named intel.wll will be injected into Word's startup folder.

After that, when Microsoft Word starts on the infected computer, all DLLs with WLL extension in the Word startup folder start. According to Checkpoint, like many malware, it downloads more malware - in which case it downloads and decrypts one RAT module, also in the form of a DLL file and loads it into memory.

The RAT module used by hackers in this attack can do screenshots on the victim's computer screen, which he sends to hackers. It can also list files and directories, create or delete directories as well as move, delete, or download files.


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