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Coronaville Spain: Drones remind citizens to stay home

The coronavirus forced the Spanish authorities to use drones to convince citizens to stay home.

Ο coronavirus is spreading day by day and h police in Spain tries to prevent its spread in any way. For this reason, he enlists her technology. This weekend, Madrid officials began to they use drones to tell people to stay home during this crisis.

This measure was announced by municipal police on Twitter. In fact, there was one video showing the drones in action. In the video, a Madrid police officer appears to be handling it drone, equipped with a speaker. Police tell people in the area to go out only if absolutely necessary and stay on home.

"We will not hesitate to use all the measures at our disposal to take care of your safety and the safety of all," he wrote. the police on Twitter. "Even though some of you are having a hard time with us."

Η ENAIRE, the airline handling company in Spain, announced at Twitter that it cooperates with the Madrid police for the drone project, as well as with the country's Air Force. The goal, according to ENAIRE, is to "remind people that they need to stay home".

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that the coronavirus has declared the country in emergency and asked citizens to stay home for at least 15 days. THE government said measures were taken to protect the country's population by strengthening the health care system.

Spain was the second country in Europe to ask its citizens to close their homes. Coronavirus has caused many problems in most European countries countries, but mainly in Italy, which was the first country (European) that implemented this measure.

In recent days, other countries such as Greece, France, Germany and Portugal announced restrictive measures (eg closure of shops, restaurants, border closures, etc.).

Prior to the announcement of the official "confinement" in Spain, police and other governmental authorities they tried hard to get people out of public places and to urge them to obey the instructions of the health authorities. People who violate quarantine in Spain can receive high fines or even face a prison sentence.

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