HomesecurityThe best free Antivirus for 2020

The best free Antivirus for 2020

If you are looking for the best free antivirus for 2020, we are here for you. Below you will find the best options for 2020:


Bitdefender Antivirus Free Version automatically scans your machine in the background using cloud-based scanning, and then performs a deeper scan if it comes to any malware.

Real-time antivirus, in addition, blocks malicious URLs and uses behavior-based crawling to protect against potential threats. Newer options incorporate anti-fraud and anti-phishing options (Phishing) that use extremely high level filters to warn you away from any website that has been found to attempt to steal identities.

Along with the commendable prevention and elimination of malware, the program is a wonderful tool against rootkit and anti-phishing. Performs the latest process by detecting and blocking fake websites through scanning based on HTTP.


AVG has two main promoters. First, it has a strikingly broad approach: The software program not only detects viruses and malware, but also helps divert suspects hyperlink. It also prevents suspicious downloads and prevents the use of suspicious email attachments. This makes the application the best choice for a household or elderly customer.

The second gain is AVG's affiliation with Google platforms: It has one of the many top Android downloads and can work well on Chrome. The free model provides themed scans efficiency to see if it can accelerate computer However, the feature set is still best suited for clients who do not wish to do much other than running the antivirus application.


ZoneAlarm offers firewall and antivirus scanning, as well as an additional step to address two growing security issues: identity theft and loss of information. Preventing theft is hampered by credit monitoring tools every day and by a "qualified certification training provider" that will help you work through any warnings or issues.

ZoneAlarm offers an additional cloud backup service to back up your information and secure online encryption. If you do not already have a service that helps you defend your identity and information, this may be a good option for you.

During setup, note that ZoneAlarm attempts to set Yahoo as the default search engine. If you do not need it, make sure you do not select the appropriate field.


Malwarebytes offers a number of the largest and most comprehensive antivirus software programs available, making it one of the first choices for technology companies. The options are divided into 4 sections. Anti-malware protects and removes malware with automated scans, while anti-ransomware helps defend files against attacks ransomware. Anti-exploit helps defend against any detected vulnerabilities located on your system or applications, while security for your malicious websites keeps you away from custom or malicious websites.

Our only warning about the free Malwarebytes model is that the scan tool will detect something when it is already infected. For this, you might have to choose another one list. Nevertheless, as a secondary level of protection, free Malwarebytes is fine.

avast Antivirus

As a basic security, Avast is one of the best antivirus packages available. It received one of the many highest scores in the AV Test. Avast's latest free antivirus series is a huge package deal. Except for the same old virus and virus security malware - along with anti-rootkit and anti-spyware capabilities - the software comes with a number of customizable options that you can change during setup, as well as security for Android gadgets. The Avast 2020 model goes beyond what you knew about security, since during installation, you will have a really clear analysis that shows how Avast uses your non-public information.

It is worth noting that it has just been reported that Avast is also gaining Internet search prospects (along with searches and visits to its web pages). LinkedIn and porn sites) and sells information. Now, Avast does not refuse to collect and sell the above personal information. However, Avast said it allows customers to choose not to share these information.

As a free program, it is considered a very good choice and you will be pleased.

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