HomesecurityTor Browser: Error Running Javascript On Sites That Must Not!

Tor Browser: Error Running Javascript On Sites That Must Not!

The Tor Project inform them users its about a major browser error, which can execute JavaScript code in sites which users have blocked mode JavaScript. The developers of software Tor said they are trying to fix this error without setting a timetable for an updated version code.

The possibility of blocking JavaScript code execution is critical feature security of the Tor Browser Bundle (TBB), a browser that has enhanced privacy features that also cover real addresses IP to keep users anonymous online. Because of these features, the browser is often used by journalists, political activists, and dissidents in oppressive countries as a way to cover firewalls and online censorship.

In the past, there have been holdings that used the JavaScript code to reveal the actual IP address of a Tor Browser user. Some of them were used to reveal criminals activities, while others were used in mysterious and strange cases.

The Tor team announced that they had found an error in the options security of the TBB. When the browser is configured to use the highest level of security called "Safest", it still allows JavaScript code to run, even if it should have blocked it.Tor Browser-error-executing javascript code

Tor's team said it was trying to fix this error. If a user definitely wants JavaScript to be disabled then they can completely disable it. To completely disable a user code execution of JavaScript in the Tor Browser, the Tor team gives the following instructions:

  • Open about: config
  • You are looking for: javascript.enabled
  • If the "Value" column says "false", then JavaScript is already disabled.
  • If the "Value" column says "true", right-click and select "Toggle" to turn it off or double-click on the bar and it will be turned off.