Thursday, September 24, 17:33
Home inet Sirina gives free movies because of the Coronavio! The party will be done!

Sirina gives free movies because of the Coronavio! The party will be done!

Sirina follows in his footsteps PornHub and offers a free movie of its production due to the Coronavirus.

The Sirina TV "He wants to relieve you because you're locked in your house."

After all, they do not need to use VPN users of Greece to watch inappropriate movies from Italy's PornHub, which announced today that it is Free for Quarantine residents.

Rather, the production of Sirina considers that Greek users should spend their time indoors at home. On the other hand, perhaps as responsible citizens they felt that they should give the Greeks an incentive to remain locked up.

The truth is that how much Netflix to see? What do you think?


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