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Coronavirus Test: Free American Diagnostic Test

Katie Porter for free coronavirus and diagnostic examCoronavirus test: Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told Congress of USA that the Diagnosis of Coronavirus will be free for all Americans. The commitment of Dr. Robert Redfield came up with the fact that Katie Porter, a member of Congress, recorded on a white table the high cost required for its diagnostic testing Coronavirus. So all Americans will have access free trial and treatment for Coronavirus, regardless of their insurance condition.

Specifically, Porter said that it estimates that the cost of a coronary artery scan is about $ 1.331. Noting that the cost may prevent many from doing so, he asked Redfield to use his legal power as director of the CDC, according to Code Federal Regulations to cover the cost of the examination. Redfield, referring to the Department of Health and Human Services services (HHS) stressed that their intention is to ensure that every American receives the care and treatment they need in the face of the pandemic while working in partnership with HHS to see how they can be put on application in a better and more efficient way. Porter then intervened, saying "No, this is not enough" and continued to pressure Redfield until he pledged to use his power to secure a free trial for the coronavirus. Porter also pointed out that they must commit to the American people, so that citizens can go for examination. Porter, wanting to put even more pressure, asked the question: "Can you bear the cost so that the examination is free from tomorrow?" To this question, Redfield seemed hesitant, but replied: "I think you are a great challenger, so my answer is yes."

Porter Regulation 82 CFR 6975 states: “The director may pay for the care and treatment of persons undergoing medical examination, quarantine, isolation and conditional circulation“. Finally, it is worth noting that the World Health Organization declared the virus "pandemic" on March 11, while its representatives CDC they didn't do it directly commentary of this situation.