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Skype: Installation on PC and mobile devices

In this article you will see how to easily create one account on Skype on a computer but also on application Skype for cell phones. If you already have an account with her Microsoft, you can use it to connect to Skype.

Create an account on computers:

1) Open a browser and type: . This link will take you to the Skype homepage.

2) Press “Sign in”. You will find it in the upper right corner.

3) Select “Sign up”.

4) Type it mobile you.

5) Generate your password. It would be great to be large, and contain letters and other symbols.

6) Click “Next”. It's the blue button at the bottom of the window.

7) Enter your names.

8) Select “next”.

9) Select it country and the place where you live.

10) Enter your date of birth.

11) Click on “Next”.

12) Now Skype will send you a confirmation code with a message on your mobile phone or email. Find the message and fill in the code.

13) Click “Next”. By tapping it, Skype will compare the password and create your account.

Create a mobile account:

1) Find and open the application.

2) Click on “Create account”.

3) Enter your cellphone.

4) Select “Next”.

5) Think and enter your password.

6) Select “Next” again.

7) Enter your names.

8) Select “Next”.

9) Choose your date of birth.

10) Press “Done”.

11) Confirm your account by entering the password you received in the application message.

12) Click “Next”. Your account will then be created.

13) Configure the application. You can tap “Skip” in the upper right corner of the screen to start using Skype right away, or you can configure the application by selecting a theme, etc.

You are ready to reach out to loved ones, friends or coworkers!


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