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Home security Error in WordPress plugin allows malicious code to be inserted

Error in WordPress plugin allows malicious code to be inserted

WordPress Builder Popup plugin has one vulnerability which allows malicious code to be inserted JavaScript, in popups, which can appear in the tens of thousands websites and steal sensitive information or even take complete control of a site.

The Popup Builder enables site owners to create, deploy, and manage custom popups that feature a wide range of HTML and JavaScript content, up to images, and video.

The creator of this add-on, Sygnoos, presents it as one tool which can help boost sales and revenue, through smart popups, for displaying ads, subscription requests, discounts and various other types of advertising content.

Errors discovered

As discovered by Defiant QA Engineer, Ram Gall errors these affect all versions up to Popup Builder 3.63.

"Usually attackers use such a vulnerability to redirect site visitors to malvertising sites or to steal sensitive information from their browsers, although they could also be used to redeem the site if a webmaster or visitor visited previewed a page containing the infected popup when logged in. "

Another bug discovered allows any logged-in user (with subscriber rights) to access plugin features, extract subscriber lists, and export system configuration information with a simple POST request to admin- post.php.

The bugs are designated CVE-2020-10196 and CVE-2020-10195 and allow XSS to be stored without authentication, configuration disclosure, user data extraction and modification of site settings.

Sygnoos fixed the security issues in Popup Builder version 3.64.1, a week after the bug was reported by Defiant.

To date, 66.000 sites are still exposed to attacks.

By the end of February, many hacker trying to exploit vulnerabilities in WordPress add-ons to install backdoors and create accounts that allow them to expose thousands of accounts to attacks.


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