HomesecurityFake "coronavirus spread maps" infect computers

Fake "coronavirus spread maps" infect computers

His pandemic coronavirus, it has affected at least 114 countries to date, infecting more than 128.000 people and claiming the lives of 4700 people. Malicious agents, however, exploit this disorder by creating fake coronavirus spreading maps to infect malware users' computers.

As anxiety about the coronavirus grows, more and more people are searching online courses maps to monitor the spread of the virus. However some of these maps are used by hacker, to infect users' systems and steal personal information.

Do not download coronavirus spread maps

Despite the current situation, you should avoid downloading maps showing the spread of the virus to device your. According to Reason Security research, these maps often contain dangerous malware such as AZORult.

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Using AZORult, hackers can steal your username, passwords, credit card numbers, browser history, and login credentials at SOCIAL MEDIA. They can also access bank accounts, cryptocurrencies wallets, or even gain full remote access to your infected device.

Reason Labs has discovered such malware, called "Corona Virus Map", which uses the same interface as the Johns Hopkins University tracker, which is legal. This is a small EX32 Win32 file called with a payload size of about 3,26 MB.

Currently, malicious software AZORult only affects the devices Windows. However, researchers believe that hackers could create a version for other operating systems.

How to understand a fake map

Unlike valid maps, infected users often urge users to download another application on their device to watch the virus spread live.

Another way to detect these fake sites is to check the URL or details as they are different from legitimate coronaview dashboards.

If you have already installed "Corona Virus Map" or any such fake map, you should uninstall it immediately and make a scan for viruses on your device. If you have downloaded another map now, you should also scan your device for everything.

However, there are some valid maps that you can trust to track the spread of coronavirus:

Johns Hopkins's

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

WHO's official tracker


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