HomesecurityENTSO-E: European electricity grid falls victim to hacking attack

ENTSO-E: European electricity grid falls victim to hacking attack

The European electricity network ENTSO-E confirmed that he was a victim hacking attack, as some hackers managed to violate it network of her offices.

“ENTSO-E recently discovered data that prove it successful penetration hackers on the network of its offices, ”the company said.

Η company has taken the appropriate risk assessment measures and experts have taken care to reduce the risk of further attacks.

ENTSO-E or otherwise European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity represents 42 transmission system operators energy from 35 countries all over Europe.

These 42 entities are the organizations responsible for the mass transmission of electricity to major high voltage electricity networks, such as National ESO Grid in the UK.

According to ENTSO-E, the company's network is not connected to the operating system systems of operators. However, all bodies have been informed and experts are continuing to investigate the case.

According to the official website The company plays a key role in the development of the pan-European electricity grid and in the achievement of carbon emissions.

The identity of the attackers and its reason have not been disclosed violation of the ENTSO-E network. However, the attack is not surprising to the experts security, because lately they have taken place many attacks on energy companies.

According to the security company Dragos, organizations dealing with electricity are important risk. Hackers find a way to penetrate corporate networks. From there they can cause serious problems. This risk does not only exist for companies in Europe but also for energy organizations around the world.


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