HomesecurityFacebook can pay $ 529 billion in Australia

Facebook can pay $ 529 billion in Australia

The popular social network Facebook, is once again facing legal issues. Specifically, Australia's personal data protection authorities are suing Facebook over its scandal. Cambridge Analytica, which led to leakage of the personal information of about 87 million users worldwide.

As a result, the company was fined $ 5 billion by FTC, which is one of the biggest fines ever imposed on a tech company.

However, Australia has stricter laws on the privacy of its citizens, so the fine imposed on Facebook could reach $ 529 billion, which is about 8 times the company's revenue last year.

According to the country's legislation on privacy, a fine of up to $ 1.700.000 could be imposed for each data breach. Australian privacy watchdogs believe 311.074 local accounts data was affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal. As a result, the fine could reach about $ 529 billion.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), posted one statement on its official website, which says that Facebook did not inform the affected users of Australia about the leak of their personal data. The statement also states that the company "failed to take the obvious measures for protection of the personal data of these persons by unauthorized leakage ”.

On the occasion of this statement, Australian Privacy Commissioner Angelene Falk accused Facebook of being the culprit of the situation as it said its design does not allow its users to have more control over their personal data in the platform.

If Australia finally manages to impose its exorbitant fine on Facebook, it will certainly be a good lesson for other tech companies to take their technology more seriously. safety user data.

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