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Coronavio: Google urges US employees to work from home

Ο coronavirus has affected all areas of daily life: health, economy, work etc. Increased cases made it Google to suggests to employees in the North America to start working from home. According to the company, the majority of employees work at USA.

Experts recommend avoiding concentrations even in the workplace. The purpose of this new movement is to reduce the number of people in Google offices, to reduce the chances of the virus spreading among employees. North American offices will remain open to them employees, which is necessary to be there.

In addition, Google announced yesterday that as long as the coronavirus is in focus, external partners such as seasonal employees and salespeople who are sick or related to people affected by the virus will be able to stay home without losing their income.

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In a blog post, Google stated that the largest percentage of outsourced employees worldwide receive money while on sick leave. At USAHowever, there is no law that provides for paid sick leave. Last year, Google started making that change. However, according to the company, this type of license is in a "transitional stage" in the US.

To fill in the gaps, Google is creating one a special fund to cover the cost of licenses for employees who are symptoms of COVID-19 or are in quarantine.

Coronavirus has infected more than 118.000 people (confirmed cases) worldwide and has led to the death of approximately 4.000. patients.

A few days ago, Google consulted with its employees at Washington start working from home. Employees at the offices of the California and New York.

In the meantime, a Google employee in Switzerland turned out to be a coronavirus positive, with the result that they are put travel restrictions to the employees.

Finally, the coronavirus did Google to cancel the annual Google I / O Developer Conference. On the other hand Google Cloud Next conference may be virtual.

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