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SMART: Hard Disk Monitoring and Control System

SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) it is one system monitoring and control for internal drives. When its Disk Utility Poppy reports damage to hard drive, you can't split the disc without software third party. But you can erase the red line by following these simple steps.

SMART: hard disk monitoring and control system

  • Open Disk Utility, select the disk it has problem, and click on “Repair Disk Permissions. If this does not work, open your computer from its installation disc Poppy OS X and proceed to the second step.

SMART: hard disk monitoring and control system

  • From the program to DVD / USB , select Utilities> Disk Utility, and then try the first step again. If this also does not work, you will need to delete the disk.

SMART: hard disk monitoring and control system

  • Keep BackUp of your files in an external storage.

  • Delete the files on the disc by pressing "Erase", selecting Mac Os Extender Journaled, and pressing "Erase" again.

Now, your disk should be as new and have SMART as "Verified". If for some reason the last step also does not help, you should replace the disk.


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