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Coronavirus: Hospital Stolen Hand Antiseptics and Surgical Masks

The Coronavirus has hit a large number of countries, causing fear and anxiety for the future. The majority of people look for ways to protect themselves from the virus by resorting to hygiene products such as hand sanitizers and surgical masks. The virus in its path causes problems, many of which are not known. Specifically, in Kentucky, USA, a doctor named Brett Oliver recently observed that hand antiseptics mysteriously disappear from the rooms examining patients. With the Coronavirus spreading throughout the planet in a worrying degree, hand antiseptics have become essential commodities whose demand is constantly escalating. Many traders take advantage of the fear and needs created by Koronios, dramatically increasing their Prices of hygiene products. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is a good and thorough handwashing with soap and water, otherwise a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content is a good alternative.Coronavirus, hand antiseptic and surgical masks

Coronavirus has led people to use more and more antiseptic hands daily, resulting in hospitals and suppliers serious shortages as they do not have sufficient stocks.Coronavirus, hand antiseptic and surgical masks

Dr. Brett Oliver points out that although he has been in the medical field for 20 years and interacted with many patients, he first sees fear and panic so much.

However, it is not only the hand sanitizers that mysteriously disappear. Dr. Chesney Fowler, who works in emergency care at Maryland and Washington DC hospitals, said nurses are now measuring surgical masks at every shift as they disappear in a strange way. He also noted that this has been the case so far with only different types of drugs.

Similarly, at the Boston General Hospital in Massachusetts, Dr. Shuhan said his hospital has begun to "hide" surgical masks, while staff is in constant vigilance. He also noted that a few days ago he noticed that someone was trying to steal masks from a hospital shelf. In his view, many people are forced to steal commissions because of their fear of being paid and because of their inability to buy them. But the worst of all is that many are taking advantage of the situation to make money by selling will hygiene products at outrageous prices. Indicatively, hand antiseptics are currently being sold at website of Amazon over $ 80.

However, thefts are not only reported in hospitals. Rachel Gopin, who works at a grocery store in Hollywood, California, has identified someone who stole hand antiseptic. Dr. Oliver, who works in Kentucky, said that in his neighborhood grocery store, someone was holding two half-used antiseptic hand bottles and left panicked while flying to the cashier's $ 20.

It is not clear, however, how these thieves manage to escape. One scenario is that some people go into stores with small bottles that fit into a bag or purse, fill them with an antiseptic and then leave as if nothing happened.Coronavirus masks

Indeed, there are few cases where theft has taken another course. Specifically, in New York, Governor Cuomo said in an interview that some are even stealing medical equipment, such as respirator masks and other protective equipment. products. This is a very serious problem that should not be underestimated. At USA, the Ministry of Health and Human Services said the country has only 1% of the required number of respiratory masks needed in view of the Coronavirus. Some hospital executives have even reached the point of asking people not to steal equipment from facilities even if Koronios has been psychologically affected by them. Finally, UT Health Medical Clinic in Austin, Texas, has also identified incidents of theft of antiseptic hands and surgical masks, according to its chief service health, Aaron Miri.


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