HomesecurityIs Linux the most vulnerable operating system after Android?

Is Linux the most vulnerable operating system after Android?

In general, the Windows of Microsoft products are considered one of the most vulnerable operating systems, either because of their popularity or because of its design core their. However a study carried out by, comes to change a little data.

As it was discovered by research, Debian Linux is at the top of the list of operating systems that have the largest number of defects. In the last 20 years, Debian Linux has reported 3,067 technical vulnerabilities. In 2019, the Debian it was the second most vulnerable operating system after Android, with 360 errors.

According to the report, a technical vulnerability is a feature or configuration that intruders can exploit to gain unauthorized access or use a network and its resources for their own benefit.

The report gathered data from the National Vulnerability Database. According to the report, the Ubuntu held fifth place, with 2.007 errors discovered between 1999 and 2019.

Linux-based products have the biggest drawbacks

Taking into account all the products, 894 technical defects were reported in 1999. However, with the development of technology, this number reached 12.174 in 2019.

In 2018 most were discovered errors, 16.556 in number, with Debian GNU / Linux having 1.197 of them.

In terms of exploiting these vulnerabilities to commit an attack, code execution is the largest, 25,3% followed by scripts between sites, with 17,7%. Recently, new methods have also been discovered, which are used by malware to exploit the Linux system, such as cloud snooping and RCE vulnerability.

Given the overall result, none vulnerability Linux-related is not one of the top high-risk products. This means that there are no Linux-based distributions or products used by hackers to harm the system on a large scale.

Errors in the Linux operating system may be more in number, but can be fixed within a few days. Linux has a very strong community and continues to grow with time and support from major private providers such as Microsoft.

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