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Cheap mobile phones get a fingerprint sensor thanks to Redmi

The fingerprint sensors, integrated in screen, is one of the major differences observed between low - cost and mobile phones flagship models. This is because fingerprint technology is limited to screens OLED, which are more common in more expensive phones. But now it looks like this may change, since Redmi first introduced a fingerprint sensor on a screen device LCD.

Lu Weibing, General Manager of Redmi, published one video on Weibo, which shows an LCD screen cell phone with built-in technology sensor fingerprints.

How does the sensor work?

Until now, LCD monitors could not obtain a fingerprint sensor under the glass because it is thick and does not allow light to pass through the screen.

However, Redmi claims to have used a "high quality infrared film" that allows light to pass through an LCD screen.

Redmi is not the only one trying to do it

Last year, several tech companies presented their plans to incorporate fingerprint sensors into LCD screens.

In June 2019, BOE, a screensaver company, had previously made the screen for Huawei Mate 20 Pro announced its collaboration with AUO Optronics to develop LCD screens that support fingerprint technology. In addition, Chinese company Fortsense said last April that it was able to create an LCD display that works with in-display technology.

It is very likely that Redmi has worked with another Chinese company to accomplish this task. This in turn means that more companies could soon be available smartphone from China to launch models featuring LCD screens with built-in fingerprint sensors.

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