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How to maintain your PC performance

Overheating, due to the dust that accumulates around the fans and components, is considered one of the most common causes of damage to computers. To keep it right mode of the computer's cooling system, the computer's interior must be cleaned every three months. Also, the amount of free space on hard drive of your system and presence malware (eg spyware) can dramatically affect the performance of your computer. In this article you will find instructions on how to maintain a computer properly to ensure optimum performance.

Operating System Maintenance:

How to maintain your PC performance

Install one antivirus and set it to run automatically. Windows operating system computers often come with a pre-installed one software protection during purchase. If it doesn't, you can get one at Internet at little or no cost.

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hold Backup your computer. The users of Windows can use the System Restore feature to program an automated, periodic creation of system backups.

Open the Start menu, type "System Restore" in the search box below the Programs menu, and press Enter.

Follow the instructions in the program window to schedule an automated and complete program backup of the system.

How to maintain your PC performance

Use Windows CleanUp to erase the junk archives. The amount of free space left on your hard drive can have a dramatic impact on computer performance. Windows CleanUp automatically scans your computer's hard drive to detect and remove temporary and other unused files temporarily. Removing these unnecessary files increases the available space, which improves system performance.

Download the latest updates for them drivers to maintain optimum performance levels. You can find these updates on the manufacturer's site, usually at no charge.

Keep the computer clean

How to maintain your PC performance

Turn on the computer. The method of removing the wall of the housing varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, most boxes are designed for easy opening. Many require no tools or require only a simple screwdriver.

Remove the other side of the box.

How to maintain your PC performance

Clean the computer internally. Be careful to avoid contact with parts and cables during the cleaning process. Always keep a distance of 10 cm between the air container and the accessories inside the computer case.

Clean your laptop externally. Use compressed air to clean any dust on your computer.

How to maintain your PC performance

Clean it keyboard you. You can also use compressed air to blow between the keys.

Similarly, clean your mouse too.

How to maintain your PC performance

Wipe the screen using a microfiber cloth.

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