HomesecurityGoogle Play Protect: failed protection tests

Google Play Protect: failed protection tests

The protection system Google Play Protect, failed the German company AV-Test tests for real threats, with a final score of zero, after failing to effectively protect the system from malware programs.

Google Play Protect, which comes built into the devices Android, was first introduced at Google I / O in May 2017, and the company started developing it on all Android devices from July of the same year. To date its Play Protect Google operates over 2,5 billion active Appliances.

Don't choose Google Play Protect

According to AV-Test results, Google Play Protect has been able to detect just over a third of some 6.700 malware samples software using the laboratory to perform its tests. This means that 4.000 threats were able to infect an Android device without being detected by Play Protect.

Google Play Protect was able to detect 37% of the 3.300 newly discovered samples - no more than 2 to 24 hours - in the real-time test and 33,1% in the reference test that used 3.300 samples of malware circulating up to 4 weeks.

These performances were the lowest of all services antivirus software, which had a malware detection rate of 98%.

In addition, Google Play Protect incorrectly marked 30 harmless applications as threatening for test devices.

From all antivirus services, Antiy, Bitdefender, Cheetah Mobile, NortonLifeLock, Trend Micro and Kaspersky achieved the perfect 100% detection rate.

"The current test shows that Android users should not rely solely on Play Protect," says AV-Test.

The AV-Test comparison evaluated only those applications security for ordinary consumers, as well as testing for enterprise security applications and releasing results in April 2020.

This is not the first time Google Play Protect has failed its AV-Test trials. In October 2017, just shortly after its release, it again had the lowest score of all other antivirus services.

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