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Home security Google: Microsoft Edge Security Alerts Stops

Google: Microsoft Edge Security Alerts Stops

Google has announced that it will stop giving users alerts on Microsoft Edge security issues and push them to switch to Chrome to be more secure during browsing their. Since the new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, its extensions program browsers designed for Google Chrome are also compatible with Microsoft's new Edge browser. For about a month now, Microsoft Edge users have been visiting Chrome Web Store started receiving a yellow warning that they should go to Chrome to use the extensions in the safest way possible.Google: Microsoft Edge Security Alerts Stops

As Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome run extensions In the same way, many thought that it was very possible that Google made this move because it wanted to "get a taste" of its new browser. Microsoft afraid of not losing market share. However, Google said at BleepingComputer that displays this alert because Microsoft Edge does not support Google's Safe Browsing feature. As this feature is used by the Chrome team to "pull" malicious extensions, users of Microsoft Edge will not benefit from this mode security, but on the contrary they will continue to use the malicious extension. While it actually does, Google's warning could have been worded better to underline the lack of such protection rather than implying that Microsoft Edge does not provide the necessary safety. Google probably realized that its warnings did not have a positive impact on the company's image. This has led the company to stop issuing warnings to users about Microsoft Edge and the security it provides while browsing it.


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