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Home security Hacker Mrb3hz4d: Exclusive interview of Iran looking for FBI!

Hacker Mrb3hz4d: Exclusive interview of Iran looking for FBI!

Hacker Mrb3hz4d: Exclusive Iran interview by FBI: Iranian hacker Mrb3hz4d, who has violated the website of the National Transparency Authority (aead.grbelonging to SYUZEXIS, the access and backbone network for public bodies, gives an exclusive interview to his team SecNews.

Iran hacker has attacked hundreds websites worldwide by drawing special attention on it so as to is considered particularly important for FBI which recently issued one ALERT for him.

Here is the FBI announcement regarding Mrb3hz4d which states:

The FBI observes increased activity of Iranian site violations hackers. The FBI believes that many of the site violations occurred due to exploitation of known vulnerabilities in content management systems (CMSs) for download defacement files. FBI advises users, organizations, and companies likely to target Iran hackers be aware of the indicators, tactics and techniques provided in ALERT their.

His team SecNews got in touch with the much talked about Mrb3hz4d to find out more about the hacker, their targets, attacks on Greek websites, their view of Europeans online security level, the message it sends to the National Transparency Authority  And much more.

Hacker Mrb3hz4d: Exclusive interview of Iran looking for FBI!
Hacker Mrb3hz4d: Exclusive interview of Iran looking for FBI!

  • A few words about yourself?

I deal with hacking because I like it and I don't get paid for it. My technical background includes coding knowledge, Programming, web hacking and exploiting.

  •  You see the himself yours black-hat hacker, a gray-hat hacker ή white-hat hacker;

The gray-hat hacker would represent me better.

  •  You are dealing with hacking long enough? Do it yourself or belong to someone hacking club;

Yes, I have been working for a long time. I'm not part of any hacking team, I run all the attacks on my own.

  • How successful hacking have you carried out attacks?

I have succeeded in many hacking attacks. I don't know the exact number but they are definitely hundreds.

  • Ως hacker, have you been targeted by state authorities and government agencies?

Yes, but I have nothing to fear.

  • By what criteria do you choose your goals? Are they just foreign government organizations or do you "hit" and your country's goals?

The reason I subscribe to hacking attacks is to find out system vulnerabilities and web pages. I want those who do not care about protecting their online systems to be concerned, no matter which country they belong to.

  • Which country, in your opinion, is most vulnerable to hacking attacks?

India. Most websites in India take virtually no security measures so they are an easy target. The level of online security is very low.

  • The online Greece's infrastructures have, at times, received several hacking attacks from Iranians hackers. You think Greece is an easy target for one hacker;

Yes. If one has the technical knowledge of hacking it will not be particularly difficult for Greece.

Hacker Mrb3hz4d: Exclusive interview of Iran looking for FBI!

  • Targeting the National Transparency Authority is an important government network. How do you target a specific country? For example, you think that one can easily approach Greek hosts; Are there any other victims in your arsenal related to Greece or the government? (no goals to be mentioned of course but one yes or no)

Yes there are other Greek systems that have been breached. I need not mention more.

  • In addition to the website of the National Transparency Authority ( have you violated other greek websites?

Yes. Quite a few.

  • How easy is it, in your opinion, to breach a system of Greek government agencies, websites and personal accounts?

Greece has moderate internet security. So it's not difficult.

  • How easy it is for one hacker to find personal data of European citizens and especially Greeks on Dark Web; If it is easy, does this mean that the Greek systems have received many violations?

Yes it is very easy for a hacker with the technical knowledge to find hacked databases of European citizens. Yes, there are several databases of Greek citizens on the Dark Web and one of them is in my hands right now. All the personal details of the Greeks that were in the systems of the National Transparency Authority now belong to me.

  • You think the Iranians hackers do they have the ability and technical knowledge to start a cyber war?

Yes, Iranian hackers are capable of launching one cyber war and even "win". Iran has a strong cyberattack.

  • What are the basic protection measures that government agencies, businesses and ordinary users must take to guard against hacking attacks like yours?

In order not to fall victim to hacking they must have installed a good one anti-virus software which make sure they are always updated. Also, have an anti-sheller installed.

  • Finally, you have to send a message to the National Transparency Authority hacking attack they received?

The National Transparency Authority should contact me IMMEDIATELY, aOtherwise I will have to publish the database with hundreds of personal information of Greek citizens. The security of their online systems is poor and it will cost them. Time counts….

Hacker Mrb3hz4d: Exclusive interview of Iran looking for FBI!

After contacting the Hacker Mrb3hz4d, we must warn the competent National Transparency Authority to act immediately. According to what Iran says hacker if they do not immediately take action databases with data from Greek citizens, it will cost the breach of the privacy and privacy of many Greeks.

That's it SecNews unable to know the exact content of the data available to Iran Hacker as well as what use it may make.

Thank you Mrb3hz4d for the brief statements and information he provided to us.

Stay tuned to SecNews for more on this


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