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Facebook: Why bans ads for medical face masks?

Coronavirus medical face masksFacebook is temporarily banning ads for medical face masks, as many marketers try to take advantage of people's fears, anxieties and needs but also to benefit from the spread of Koronovi. Facebook's head of advertising and business products, Rob Leathern, said the app stops ads and commercials lists selling medical face masks. The banning of ads will affect products described as medical devices and facial masks that are now deficient. Leathern also said the company is constantly monitoring them developments about Coronavirus and is going to make the necessary changes to policies if she notices that some people are trying to take advantage of this situation that is critical to public health. Masks of all kinds are being used more and more around the world by those worried about Coronavirus and as demand increases, so do prices. Wearing a face mask is no guarantee that the virus cannot be transmitted or stuck. It should also be noted that the Coronavirus can remain inactive for several weeks and show no symptoms.medical face masks ads

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that only those who come in contact with someone presenting with symptoms of coronavirus cough or sneeze. Adherence to basic hygiene standards, such as good hand washing with soap or antiseptic.

Some Companies also ask for it staff work from home in an attempt to limit the spread of the Koronovi. As the markets for "panic" products, including toilet paper, face masks and antiseptic hands, are now having empty shelves, e-commerce platforms including its site Amazon, are called upon to address a particular and serious issue. Specifically, Amazon has removed over a million products from it website to prevent other suppliers from taking advantage of the concerns Koronoviός has created.Facebook for Medical Face Masks Ads and Coronary Spread

One of the problems has been the rise in prices for basic items, such as masks and antiseptics, which were otherwise available at much lower prices. In addition, there are products that are supposed to prevent or cure it virus.

Facebook and Twitter try to prevent the spread of false information, including fake treatments, statistics and rumors about the origin of the Koronovi. The World Health Organization (WHO) has described the situation as "infodemic".

At present, the number of confirmed new cases of Coronavirus has exceeded 110.000 worldwide, with more than 3.800 deaths. The majority of cases are in China, South Korea and Italy. Italy has quarantined the most affected areas (with Lombardy last), while flights within and outside Milan are still available.Finally, the UK Government will meet today on an extraordinary basis on the Koronoiu issue.


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