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Coronavirus: Is There A Way We Can Understand For Ourself If We Get Ill?

While Koronios continues its rapid expansion, the Foundation Gates home screening kits will be released so everyone can check if they have the virus COVID-19, According to a report by the Seattle Times.

The test will be done with a nose sample, which will show results in 2 days and will be checked by professionals health, who will then notify them patients that are positive. Subsequently, those diagnosed will be encouraged to respond to a questionnaire to identify their movements and provide information to health professionals to identify other persons who may be infected and should be examined or quarantined. .

As Scott Dowell said, head for investigations on the Coronavirus at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: "Although much remains to be done, this project has tremendous potential to reduce the spread of the epidemic."

There aren't any yet information as to when the kit will be launched, as the Foundation is still refining its software and patient questionnaire. The Foundation estimates that the system it could run up to 400 exams a day, according to Dowell.

The Gates Foundation is not the only organization working to develop home-testing kits. On Saturday, healthcare entrepreneur Jonathan Rothenberg reported on Twitter a similar approach and is now in discussions with a manufacturer about how to market its own kit.

The Seattle area is a key part of the Coronavirus development on USA, as 71 cases and 15 deaths from the disease have been confirmed. At least one health expert estimates that the city could have up to 600 cases that have not yet been confirmed.

"One of the most important things for us, having watched and worked on this issue in other parts of the world, is to identify people who are positive for the virus so that they can be isolated and safely cared for and "Identifying the people who came in contact, who may then be quarantined," Dowell told the Seattle Times.

The plan to develop home screening kits evolved from a 2-year research program by the University of Washington designed to monitor the spread of diseases such as influenza, according to the Times.

However, the Gates Foundation has made about $ 20 million in this endeavor. It has also donated $ 5 million to efforts to tackle the disease in the region - including expanding testing and analysis.

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