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Vulcan Greeting: Will it replace the Coronavirus handshake?

With the Coronavirus continually spreading and worries escalating, new tips and ways of protecting yourself from the virus. Among other things, there are no surprises!

One of these measures is the handshake that must be avoided now pandemic of Koronoius. Spock Vulcan's greeting from Star Trek could replace the handshake. It is a simple gesture that does not endanger health and is just as useful as everyday handshake but 10 times more charming.Vulcan Greeting: Will it replace the Coronavirus handshake?

Even if someone is not big fan of Star Trek, he may be aware of the gesture the actor made Leonard Nimoy, who died in 2015. The actress raised her hand with her palm facing forward, her thumb stretched out and her middle finger and index finger joined together, while there was a gap between the third and fourth fingers. The gesture was often accompanied by the words "live long and prosper", and often the phrase "peace and long life" was added.

Leonard Nimoy told the LA Times that he was inspired by a greeting from the Jewish Holy Blessing that impressed him as a child. It is noteworthy that this greeting was adopted, inter alia, by the President Barack Obama and 1960s idol Timothy Leary.Vulcan Greeting: Will it replace the Coronavirus handshake?

Now, with the churches advising us not to shake hands as a sign of peace, the Queen of England gloves for an awards ceremony, and her ruler Washington Jay Inslee announces that he will not shake hands from now on, perhaps Vulcan's salute is a chance to replace the handshake. Even Mr. Sulu himself actress George Takei, of Star Trek promotes the salute.Vulcan Greeting: A Coronavirus Handshake?

However, there is one problem. It is not easy for everyone to adjust their fingers to achieve this special greeting. If anyone wants to learn how to make this greeting they will have the opportunity through a classic scene of Star Trek, where Dr. McCoy asks Mr Spock to show him how to do the greeting and how to put his fingers in this position, even saying: "This hurts worse than the uniform." Also in a touching dimer episode of Star Trek: The next generation, Captain Picard helps the dead Sarek, Spock's father, make the greeting.

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