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Windows 10: New Insider Build 19557 is released!

H Microsoft has released the new Windows 10 Insider build 19557 for those in the Fast Ring. The new Build comes with changes to the windows and windows image changes in diagnostics data. If you join Insider program from Microsoft, you can download Update by going to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update.

The most important changes to the new Build are listed below:

Diagnostics data:

Microsoft has made some changes to the diagnostic settings in Windows 10. Plus, the "basic" data will be called "necessary" and the "all" option will become "extra." If a corporate user chooses "extra", Microsoft gives you the right to decide what data to collect from your company.

New Pictures:

Microsoft has also changed the icons for quite a while programs such as File Explorer, OneDrive, Mail, Calendar, Your Phone Number as well as desktop image. In this build, Microsoft was released a new security image for Windows 10, which, in our opinion, looks much better than the previous one.


Now you can say or ask her Cortana and more informal things like "Tell me a joke" or "stone paper scissors", and the like.

In addition, there are changes to the way advanced startup works to improve the performance of Ease of Access. Now, the advanced startup will boot directly into recovery mode.

Microsoft is currently continuing its experiments with Windows 10 updates, extending the period until March.


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